We are celebrating our anniversary

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"Art and nature wonderfully combined," "as if we had fallen into heaven," "a gift," "beautiful and inspiring," "fantastic," "heavenly" or "just amazing" – the cultural initiative "Park Time Langrüti" was a resounding success, as the numerous words of praise in the guest book show. Over 1,600 art enthusiasts traveled not only from the entire canton of Zug, the Freiamt and the rest of Switzerland, but also from England and New Zealand. We were even able to welcome the canton council of Zug.

With the cultural initiative "Park Time Langrüti," we celebrated our 150th anniversary in the summer of 2014. The Langrüti Park was reconstructed into an art installation for 5 weeks. The three artists Katharina Sochor-Schüpbach, Daniela Schönbächler and Alfons Bürgler exhibited around 30 objects, sculptures and installations under the open sky. They all have a relation to the region: Schönbächler was born and grew up in Hünenberg and Sochor-Schüpbach and Bürgler each spent a year working here. In their works, the three artists dealt with the park landscape and conveyed a sense of calm and reflection to the visitors.


The Langrüti is a special place, characterized by a pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial action. In 1894, the park came into the possession of the Lustenberger family, purchased by Maurice Lustenberger. The passionate cheesemaker and cheese trader founded the company in 1862. We still produce our exclusive cheese specialties in local village cheese dairies according to the old family recipe from the best raw milk from cows that only eat fresh herbs and hay. Our office building as well as our production facility with the big cheese cellars are located in Langrüti, where over 7,000 tons of the finest cheese is aged and processed annually.

For the "Park Time Langrüti," we opened the mystical place that is otherwise not open to the public. The wonderful atmosphere and fascinating interaction between nature and art pleased the visitors so much that we are conceding to their excitation already with a repetition...

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