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Creamy and extra-tangy

Made from pure Swiss mountain milk

The idyllic mountain landscape, with its rugged cliffs and florid Alpine meadows, is characterised by silence, broken only by the sound of a few cowbells. This summery beauty can change in an instant, however. Gusty air, raw winds, pouring rain and lightning - life in the mountains is at the whim of nature’s changing moods. The authentic Swiss tradition of mountain cheese is a world in which adventure and excitement mix with tranquillity, protection and support. Dealing with the elements is an art passed down through the generations - man and cattle alone, in harmony with nature.

It is in this unique environment that our cheese makers transform strong, substantial cow’s milk with a silky-soft texture into incomparably creamy, extra tangy mountain cheese. Fresh, luscious grasses, powerful mountain herbs and sun-dried hay lend a unique aroma to the raw moun­tain milk and our Lustenberger 1862 creamy and extra tangy: Smooth and melting tenderly on the tongue, extra tangy on the palate.

A mountain cheese made from natural milk and full of character - Lustenberger 1862 creamy and extra tangy stands for long-established Swiss tradition and the love for our Swiss mountains. Craftsmanship passed down the generations without any artificial additions and careful affi­nage make every Lustenberger 1862 a particularly precious, natural and healthy cheese speciality.

Aromatic and savory

Legacy of proud dairymen

Healthy cows, strengthened by the summer on alpine pastures, by lush mountain meadows and cared for by hard-working "Sännä" (herdsmen and dairymen). Only with the best raw milk does the Lustenberger 1862 aromatic and savory cheese succeed in being smooth and delicate, natural and simple, traditional and balanced.

Proud professionals, free and God-fearing: these are the "Sännä" (herdsmen and dairymen) who have been raising their cattle on the alpine pastures every year for generations. Their long working days, only accompanied by the sounds of nature, by cowbells and on special days, by the melodies of an alp horn or yodeler, end with the traditional prayer. Their alpine culture has been preserved until this day, just like the craft of artisanal cheesemaking according to old recipes exclusively with the gifts of nature. The aromatic-savory Lustenberger 1862 is thus still made in our valley cheese dairy after the cows return from the alpine pastures.

The aromatic-savory Lustenberger 1862 is lovingly aged in the cave climate of the cheese cellar of Lustenberger + Dürst SA. With much care it fully develops its fine aromatic flavor and the creamy-savory texture, floral on the nose, full-bodied on the palate and delicate on the tongue.

Kaese lustenberger1862 vorlage
L1862 nussig mild

Sweet and nutty

Legendary Swiss cheese

Born in the heart of Switzerland, steeped in a long tradition and renowned worldwide today. – A legend that also makes the Lustenberger 1862 sweet & nutty a fully aromatic delicacy.

With fresh milk from the local village cheese dairy, we cultivate the old tradition from Emmental. The Lustenberger 1862 nutty-mild ages for at least 90 days before it develops its perfect floral aroma, the nutty taste with a hint of vanilla and the full-bodied texture, accompanied by a pleasant acidic balance. Its excellent taste is best appreciated when it is enjoyed on a cheese platter, with a salad or in a sandwich.

Produkt fruchtig w c3 bcrzig

Lustenberger 1862 — 
fruity and tangy

The Original