Maurice lustenberger

Maurice Lustenberger

Maurice Lustenberger, a passionate cheesemaker, founded one of the oldest and Switzerland's leading cheese exporters in 1862. Born into a family with a great passion for cheese, his father was an Alpine herdsman, dairyman and cheesemaker and he was introduced to the fine art of cheesemaking already as a child.

The best kept secret

The family produced their cheese in the heart of Switzerland in Habschwanden, deep in Entlebuch. In the summer they went into the alpine pastures with their cattle. Inspired by fresh country air, mountain meadows and cows, Maurice Lustenberger perfected the 100% natural cheese with a great deal of passion. He kept the secrets of the cheesemaking and aging and passed them on to the following generation.


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From cheesemaker to dealer    

As a young man, Maurice Lustenberger offered his cheese as well as his father's and other professional colleague's cheeses at the market in Lucerne, where he first came into contact with international dealers. Soon, he had built up a good reputation for cheese with excellent quality. His cheese trading company founded in 1862 grew rapidly and the construction of his own cheese storeroom was inevitable. Deep in the underground sandstone of Langrüti in Hünenberg See he found the natural resources and the ideal climate for traditional cheese aging.

Pure and authentic since 1862

With a great deal of zeal and high standards, Maurice Lustenberger unwaveringly committed to the best quality of his products. With his expertise, he built one of Switzerland's leading companies for the maturation and export of cheese and helped Swiss cheese to break through onto the world stage.

His children and the generations to follow have continued and cultivated his passion. Even today, Lustenberger 1862 is as pure and authentic as in 1862.

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