Pure and authentic
since 1862

Cheeses with just the gifts of nature

Fresh air, plenty of exercise on extensive pastures, lush meadows full of herbs and flowers as well as good hay, our farmers ensure that their cows want for nothing. Only in this way does the milk gets its unique character and full flavor. We only use milk from hay and grass-fed cows for Lustenberger 1862. A few hours after milking, the handcrafted and natural Lustenberger 1862 cheese is made from fresh raw milk in the local village cheese dairy.

Magic in the cheese kitchen

In the cheese dairy, the milk is heated and the cheesemaker adds bacterial cultures and vegetarian rennet. The milk separates into whey and curd. This is where the magic begins – timing and a cheesemaker's keen instinct are crucial. If the curd is perfect, it is placed in the mold and pressed for hours until the cheese dough is firm enough.

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Rest and care

The pressed cheese goes into a salt bath for 24 hours. The traditional maturation takes place in underground cellars + Dürst SA in Hünenberg See. The regular care with a special brine creates a natural rind under which the unique fruity-tangy flavor and the gently melting cheese can develop. Our master affineur takes care of the perfect climate, the ideal care and the necessary rest – thanks to his excellent sense, the maturation is successful. Before Lustenberger 1862 is shipped all over the world, he knocks, listens, smells and tastes, because only the best cheeses are selected for the title "Lustenberger 1862."

Pure enjoyment

To date, the authentic and aromatic cheese still inspires with its fruity aroma of citrus and apricot. Gently melting on the tongue, the herbal notes of the fresh pasture milk unfold while enjoying the cheese. It also is a wonderful cheese for cooking. You find many delicious recipes here. Enjoy!

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