That's how healthy cheese is

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"Avoiding animal fat in your diet has done more harm to the health of millions of people more than good." And: "Eat all of which you have avoided for all these years: Butter, eggs, cheese, meat. These foods fill you up and they are healthy." In their issue from March 29, 2015, the NZZ on Sunday got to the bottom of fat. And it comes to an exciting conclusion: Grandmother's kitchen is best.
 Because fats in your diet are quickly burned by the body while carbohydrates that take the place of fats in "no fat campaigns" are preferably converted into body fat. The avoidance of animal fat and the consequently increased consumption of carbohydrates has principally led to the current epidemic of obesity. The US journalist Nina Teicholz comes to this conclusion in her new non-fiction book "The Big Fat Surprise."