Cheesemaking is my great passion
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With plenty of enthusiasm

"Everything I do involves cheese," says Dominik Sturzenegger with a wide smile on his face. It is clear for the cheesemaker: "Cheesemaking is my great passion, the most beautiful thing there is!"

Dominik Sturzenegger is in the cheese kitchen with plenty of enthusiasm and contagious joy. Although: Cheesemaking is tiring work. Production starts at 5 am. Heaving the milk cans around or the 24 kg cheese wheels requires strength and endurance. There are also the steam bath-like conditions of the cheese kitchen with very high temperatures and humidity.

Perfection in artisanry

It takes a lot for our Lustenberger 1862 cheese to be able to perfectly develop its unmistakable fruity-tangy taste: "From the milk to the bacteria or the temperature when making cheese, everything has to come together perfectly." The milk comes from local farms, including that of Tobias Roth. The cheese dairy Sturzenegger in Wigoltingen is a family-run business. Dominik's brother and uncle also work as cheesemakers. The cheese is handcrafted in the traditional way without artificial additives: it is the natural milk that sets the tone. Family tradition, personal commitment and the pursuit of perfection in artisanry, that is how our Lustenberger 1862 is made.

An essential step for the perfect cheese enjoyment is still missing: "The taste is strongly influenced by the climate and the smearing with a special brine during aging," says cheesemaker Sturzenegger. Erich Albin also knows this, who is responsible for the aging of Lustenberger 1862 in the family cellars of Lustenberger & Dürst SA in Hünenberg See.

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