Cheese has accompanied me my whole life
Kellermeister 03

Loving care

A few days after production, the Lustenberger 1862 wheels are brought into our family cellar at Hünenberg See where they are lovingly aged under the watchful eye of cellar master Erich Albin. He knows what it takes: "The climate and care must be just right." Each wheel of Lustenberger 1862 is therefore smeared with the special brine regularly. This creates the rind, under which the unique fruity-tangy taste and the gently melting dough can melt. Erich Albin is on the go in the aging cellars daily. He smells, tastes and feels. Thanks to his many years of experience and expertise, he can constantly adjust the maturation so that each Lustenberger 1862 is a full-bodied and aromatic enjoyment.

Connoisseur with many years of experience

The connoisseur and expert has been working for Lustenberger & Dürst SA since the mid-1990s. Albin: "Cheese has accompanied me my whole life. I grew up with it. My father was a cheesemaker." Even when Erich Albin was still a child, a fine cheese simply belonged with every meal at the family table. It is a tradition that has continued until today.

As a teenager, he walked in the footsteps of his father and learned the art of cheesemaking.
 The professional and also personal proximity to cheese makes him such a prudent cellar master. He knows what a Lustenberger 1862 cheese needs to look like, smell like and taste like and monitors according to the strictest criteria so that you can always enjoy the best taste at home.