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Pure and authentic: 
Lustenberger 1862 – fruity and tangy

The authentic art of cheesemaking: that's what lends Lustenberger 1862 its distinctive character.


Now available! 

Good news for our customers in the US: Our award winning cheese specialities Lustenberger 1862, Gruyère AOP and Emmentaler now are available in the USA! Aldi USA now sells these wonderful raw milk cheeses in selected Aldi Stores! So don't hesitate and enjoy your piece of cheese. 


Origin, tradition, naturalness and expertise

We still produce our original Lustenberger 1862 according to the traditional recipe from the best raw milk from cows that only eat lush grass, fresh herbs and hay. Produced by hand in the local village cheese dairy from untreated milk, the fruity and tangy Lustenberger 1862 has the strong aromatic flavor of the Swiss mountains.

The wheels are traditionally matured for at least 180 days in underground cheese cellars. Our master affineurs knows the secrets to perfect cheese aging and precisely monitor the formation of the natural rind. In this way, the cheese can develop its authentic tangy flavor and the fruity aroma of citrus and apricot. On the palate, it tenderly unfolds its notes of fresh pasture milk. 

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Award-winning art of cheesemaking

Uncompromising quality is important for us. We not only have a certified quality management system, but also have our products tested regularly by experts in different countries. We are proud of repeatedly being honored with major awards, whether at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, the quality tests of the German Agricultural Society DLG or at the World Cheese Awards.

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Cook with Lustenberger 1862!

Discover our favorite recipes and send us your own ideas and creations! The wonderfully creamy cheese delicately melts when cooking and gives any dish a special flavor - whether snacks and appetizers, flavorsome entrées or vegetarian meals.

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Also available at Aldi

You can get the unique Lustenberger 1862 fruity and tangy at all branches of ALDI SUISSE and ALDI SÜD (Germany). 

Additionaly, we export the Lustenberger-1862-products all over the world, for example to the USA, Australia, Germany, Italy, Russia or Spain, where you can get the cheese at some branches of Aldi.

Get some and enjoy this 100% natural and full-bodied Swiss cheese.

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